Why I Joined Zurvita

Zurvita is a leading-edge marketing firm located in Houston,  Texas and was founded by Mark and Tracey Jarvis in 2008. When my friend Andi Duli asked me to look at Zurvita  I knew that this company was going to be something special.  Mark and Tracey Jarvis have years of experience in the network marketing industry and actually were million dollar income earners prior to starting Zurvita.

When Andi gave me a call I knew I was already going to join without seeing the company because I trusted Andi. People don’t join businesses,  they join people. Andi Duli is a testimony to this and I’m glad I have his support and friendship not only in Zurvita but in life.

So What Is Zurvita?

Zurvita is a network marketing company positioned in the health and wellness industry. Zeal,  their flagship product,  is a nutritional energy drink that enriches,  restores and protects your body.

Zeal Wellness, the original Zeal formula was released to the public in February of 2011. Since then, Zurvita consultants have sold more Zeal than the previous month and there are no signs of slowing down. Zeal works!

Try Zeal For Life Free

Zurvita recently  launched a new weight management program called the “fit and free challenge” that focuses on 4 key components:  personal development,  exercise,  weight management and a balanced nutrition.

There are 3 new products that make up the weight management program:  Zeal Protein Shakes (Chocolate &  Vanilla),  Zeal Burn and Zeal Cleanse. Coupled with the original Zeal Wellness formula Zurvita is ready to help people who want to feel and look better while improving their overall health and increasing their energy levels.

The Zurvita Income Opportunity

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