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Why I became a Network Marketer…

Yesterday I revealed to the world that I gave up my pursuit to be a commercial airline pilot and joined a home based business instead. If you didn’t read part 1 of this story I highly recommend you do so now. I even posted a pretty sweet video of one of my landings …so go check it out!

Today, I’m going to share with you a secret that was just revealed to me that completely blew me away.

I was stunned by it so much that I re-read this information just to make sure I was reading it correctly.

You see…deep down inside I’ve always wondered what if…

What if I said, “screw network marketing” and just continued on with my career as a pilot?

The truth is I would probably be making $34,200 a year as a regional airline pilot or even worse…standing in line at the unemployment office due to the bad economy (thousands of pilots were furloughed over the past few years).

I’m not here to bash the aviation industry or even talk about the economy (which by the way is one of my passions).

I’m here to explain this secret that my friend Mike Dillard revealed to members of The Elevation Group last week.

I believe in giving Mike credit where credit is due, so props to Mike for helping me “see the light”!

He was sharing with us how the free-market dictates who makes money and how much of it they make.

You see, money is an exchange we all use to buy and sell things. It’s also used to determine how much value you contribute to society.

Mike listed 3 factors that determine how “valuable” you really are as a person, specifically when it relates to your job or occupation.

These 3 factors are:

1)    The number of people who are capable of replacing you.

2)    The amount of education or skill necessary to perform the job.

3)    The number of people worldwide who can potentially benefit from your work (Mike calls this, “leverage”).

I’d like to give you a few examples so you can see how this applies to the real world.

If you happen to be employed as one of these examples please do not be offended as this is purely informational and I definitely don’t want to put you down.

Mike used his personal experience as a waiter as an example. I too was a waiter at Chili’s Bar & Grill while attending college so let’s use this as our first example.

The reason waiters do not make very much money is easily seen when you apply the 3 factors mentioned above.

1)    Just about anyone can replace you.

2)    The skills required are minimal.

3)    The amount of people (or tables) you can wait on at any given time is limited to 10-20 (3-5 tables) at the most.

I’ve taken it a step further and added a visual to help you “see the light” that I referred to earlier.

Let’s look at our Waiter example to see what our VALUE score is…

network marketer


Our “replacement level” is only a 2 because it’s not very difficult to find someone to do your job.

Our “skill level” is also only a 2 because it takes very few skills to perform tasks of a waiter.

Our “audience level” is a 3 because we can only impact 10-20 people at most.

When we add these scores we get a whopping 7 out of a potential 30. Are you starting to “see the light”!?

Here is the VALUE of a Lawyer

network marketer


The “replacement level” is an 8 because the supply of lawyers in the market is relatively low.

The “skill level” is a 7 because there are considerable skills and education required.

The “audience level” is a 3 because a lawyer can only represent so many people at once and usually only works on 1-5 cases at any given time.

Add the scores up and we get 18 out of 30.  Lawyers scored higher than waiters but there is room for improvement!

Now let’s look at a Pilot’s VALUE…

network marketer


The “replacement level” is a 9 because the supply of pilots is limited.

The “skill level” is also a 9 because the education and skills required are substantial.

The “audience level” is a 4 because pilots can only fly a few hundred people at one time.

When we add these scores we get 22 out of 30. Slightly higher than a lawyer but once again room for improvement.

You may have noticed Pilots and Lawyers have high scores on 2 of the levels but lack a high “audience score”.

So what’s so good about Network Marketers?

network marketer


The “replacement level” is a 9 because there are very few people who have an entrepreneurial spirit which is required in this industry.

The “skill level” is also a 9 because you have to be innovative, creative and highly effective to be successful at this profession.

The “audience level” is a 10 because your audience is virtually unlimited (especially if you’re in multiple countries).

Factor 3 is so important because it involves leverage. There are many “specialist” (doctors, lawyers, accountants etc.) who have great “replacement and skill” scores but have very low “audience” scores.

Network marketers have an incredible opportunity to make large amounts of money within this “free-market” we live in.

We already know it takes a special kind of “breed” to be a network marketer.

But we also know that network marketing is not easy. You have to acquire special skills and knowledge in order to build a successful business.

The things that come to mind are communication, salesmanship and leadership skills.  These are things you don’t necessarily learn in a traditional classroom setting.

Lastly, it all comes down to who your potential customers are right!? If you’re a BIG thinker you would say “Everyone”!

This is what makes your “audience level” so high aka leverage.

So in retrospect, I’m thankful I did not ignore my entrepreneurial spirit that speaks to me even to this day.

It’s this spirit that helped me make a tough decision back in 2008 when I was at a major fork in the road.

I think most of you can relate to this and hope you too now “see the light”!

Thank you for reading and I hope you learned something!

What network marketing company did I join you ask? Click this link to find out!

To Your Success,

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Clint Schubert is a successful internet marketer and entrepreneur who helps people generate leads, sales and become a recruiting machine using attraction marketing strategies online.

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