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4 Thoughts on “Training”

  • HI Clint,

    I already purchased the program online. ($25.00) And have been set up with a woman (Susan) that told me she would guide me step by step. I’ve sent her an e-mail, because I’m not sure quite what to do. I’ve got zero experience with how to blog or use a web page. I do have a desire to learn the steps, but they need to be explained carefully. Once I understand it, I won’t forget it. I’m ready to change my life financially. For a long time I’ve had to rely on the government, and haven’t made money for myself for years.

    Please get back to me when you can,
    Michael Taylor
    Provo Utah

  • I own a nutritional supplement company in Dallas, Texas and I am starting a new venture that will require your expertise. If you are interested in discussing please call me when you can at 903-818-4449.

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