top network marketing companies

The List Of Top Network Marketing Companies

There are thousands of network marketing companies out there but only a few have risen to the top in terms of success and popularity. My goal is to reveal who the top network marketing companies are but more importantly why they are considered to be at the top.

For those who are just interested in the list,  here are the top network marketing companies in alphabetical order.

Top Network Marketing Companies – 8 Pillars Of Success

top network marketing companies
Top Network Marketing Companies - 8 Pillars of Success

This list of “top network marketing companies”  is relatively small in comparison to the amount of companies out there. There are literally hundreds of start-ups each year and thousands of network marketing companies less the 2 years old. So how does a company go from a start-up to being list among some of the top network marketing companies in the world?

There are 8 reasons why a network marketing company becomes successful which can be found below.

Top Network Marketing Companies – The Fundamentals

1. Mission – The most important thing to consider when examining a company is their mission statement. A company with no mission has no real direction and probably will not last long in this industry.  The mission statement should be focused,  precise and direct. The entire company should be built on this mission.

2. Leadership – A company is only as strong as the leaders who make up the company. Joining a company that has the right people to take it from a start-up to the list of top network marketing companies is what you’re looking for.  Just remember this,  people don’t join companies,  they join people.

3. Team – A mission and strong leadership are all in vain without a team. One or two people cannot build a successful company all on their own. It’s important that a company have a team of leaders all with unique roles within the company.  For example,  top network marketing companies in the nutritional business all have doctors,  lawyers and research scientists on their team.

Top Network Marketing Companies – The Technicals

4. Cash Flow – Its easy to forget that a network marketing company is a business first,  and a network marketing company second. The top network marketing companies listed above are all profitable companies for two reasons. They pay their distributors well,  but also have money left over for corporate profits. Joining a company that pays 80% of its gross revenue to distributors sounds great,  but what happens when the company goes broke because of it’s overly generous compensation plan? There needs to be enough profits left over for the company to reinvest and grow.

5. Communication – We all know how important communication is but what does good communication look like in a network marketing company? The top network marketing companies all have great methods of communicating both with their distributors and customers.  A few examples might be weekly teleconferences,  webinars or email newsletters. Existing customers should receive communications letting them know about new products or other important updates about the company. Communication is all about the relationship. Customers and distributors should feel like they have a personal relationship with the company. This creates an environment for loyalty and long term growth.

6. Systems – Good network marketing companies have policies and procedures,  but the top network marketing companies all have systems. McDonald’s is run by mostly high school kids and young adults but still manages to profit billions of dollars a year because they follow systems. When examining the top network marketing companies you’ll find many systems in place such as marketing systems,  lead generation systems,  training systems and customer service systems. This ensures smooth and successful operations within the company.

7. Legal – Network marketing companies all have to deal with certain legal issues at some point or another. Nutritional based companies especially must have solid legal resources available in the event a consumer files a law suit. Other law suits typically come from an angry distributor who feels the company is a scam or pyramid scheme. Top network marketing companies should have adequate legal backing in place should there be a need for it.

8. Product – Network marketers usually join a company because of the product or service. However,  I’m here to tell you that the product is not the most important reason to join a company. Looking at the list of top network marketing companies above,  you’ll find that there are many companies that sell similar products. In fact,  most of the products or services these companies sell can be found at your local retailer or mall.  However,  that being said,  top network marketing companies all take pride in their product or service. Having a unique product is not the issue,  just look at General Motors,  Honda,  Toyota,  Nissan etc. They all came after Ford. The important thing is that the company be prideful and have confidence in their product or service. As a network marketer,  you must also have confidence in what you are promoting because potential customers will pick up on this when you talk to them.  Joining a company that fits well with you personally is important and that’s why I’ve listed this as one of the 8 pillars of success.

In conclusion,  it’s easy to join a network marketing company. But if you want to join a company that has the potential of being listed among the top network marketing companies in the world then you need to take into consideration these 8 pillars of success I’ve outlined for you.

If you haven’t joined a company yet,  you basically have two options. Join a company that has already proved itself and is on the list above or join a company not on the list but that has the potential of becoming successful. Either way,  as long as you examine a company and keep these 8 characteristics in mind,  there is no reason why the company you go with cannot be added to the list of top network marketing companies.

Success starts with you,

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