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Have you ever thought about ways to be more productive with your life? I’ve struggled with this for years until recently when I discovered a simple strategy that has instantly allowed me to be more productive and efficient at what I do.

This strategy can be applied to your life in general, your work or job, or a specific task that you are trying to accomplish. But before I reveal exactly how to be more productive let me explain why this simple mind-trick works.

Brain vs. Computer

brain production

The human brain and a computer have their differences but they both basically do two things:  Perform tasks and store and recall memory.

A computer’s hard-drive is where memory is stored and recalled when asked for. I think most would agree that a computer is much better at storing and recalling memory.

Even though a human brain has the potential to hold billions of data we sometimes have a hard time recalling that information. This is called memory loss, something a computer does not struggle with.

Computers also perform tasks very well. Technology is advancing very rapidly and some would argue that a computer can outperform a human brain. I think most of you reading this blog post would like to disagree with that but have you ever tried to play a computer at chess or checkers? Usually the computer beats you if you play on the highest difficulty level. This isn’t because a computer is “smarter” than you, its because it can retain and recall more information.

Performance And Memory

There are two main components to a computer. The hard-drive and the processor. The hard-drive is where memory is stored. The processor is a chip that actually processes information and performs tasks. A good computer has a large hard-drive that can store a lot of information and a high-performing processor that can process high volumes of information very quickly.

The human brain does both of these functions simultaneously. Unfortunately, this can cause us to be confused or get distracted at times. In fact, recent studies have shown that multi-tasking is not very productive and that it would be better to just focus on one task at a time.

Free Up Space

What if there was a way to free up space in your brain so that your entire brain could be used to perform tasks? Do you think this would allow you to be more efficient and productive?

The problem with most of us is that we are trying to remember too many things at once. If we could free our minds and only focus on performing tasks we could become more productive.

This makes sense right!?

I thought so too…

How To Be More Productive

In stead of trying to remember all the things you need to do, just write them down. Keep a small notepad or journal with you every where you go. Write down things that you need to remember or do in the future.

Examples might be:

  • Pick the kids up from soccer practice tomorrow at 3pm
  • Finish a power point presentation by next Friday
  • Send in your IRS tax refund
  • Wash your wife’s car
  • Follow up with a client

Anything you need to remember just write it down and forget it. Once you complete the tasks you write down you can draw a line through them marking them off your list.

As simple as this strategy sounds, it works!

I like to spend 5 minutes or less every morning and think about what I need to do for the day. I write them down on my notepad and then forget about them. I’m only focused on one item at a time. By doing so, it allows me to give my full attention and brain power to accomplishing a single task. This is how to be more productive and get things done.

Benefits Of Keeping A To-Do List

  • Increase in performance and efficiency
  • Don’t forget things
  • Reduction in stress
  • More organized
  • Happy spouse!

In conclusion, I want to encourage you to start keeping track of things you need to do or remember. I promise you will become more productive at what you do!

To your Success!

Clint Schubert
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