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With over 600 billion users,  yes that’s billion with a “B” , Facebook has worked it’s way to the top of the internet food-chain.  People enjoy the fact they can network with friends and family all around the world without leaving their living room or bedroom.

It’s easy to spend hours on Facebook looking at friend’s vacation pictures,  checking out who is dating who or playing Farmville till 4am.

With so much to do on Facebook you may not have noticed there are now two options to choose from on your Facebook News Feed:  “Most Recent”,  which displays posts made by your Facebook friends in chronological order and “Top News”,  which displays posts in order based on a ranking system Facebook calls EdgeRank.

The default setting on your Facebook News Feed displays the “Top News” of friends and Facebook pages based on the EdgeRank of each post.

If you are a business owner or internet marketer learning how Facebook EdgeRank works can have a dramatic impact on your marketing success rate. It’s important to know that most people do not change their News Feed setting from the default “Top News” to “Most Recent”.  This can be at your advantage if you understand how to create content with a high EdgeRank.

Facebook EdgeRank Explained

Everything posted on your “Facebook News Feed” is considered an “object”. It may be a video,  photo album,  link or just a status update but they all are given a Facebook EdgeRank that is used for ranking purposes. The higher the EdgeRank,  the higher it will show on the “News Feed”.

It’s important to note that not all “objects” even make it to your Facebook News Feed according to a recent study.

Facebook EdgeRank Calculated

An object’s EdgeRank is based on three unique factors:  affinity which is the relative strength of the relationship between the creator of the object and their friends,  interaction with the object in the form of a like,  comment,  click or share etc. and lastly time or how recent the object was posted.

facebook edgerank

Facebook uses an algorithm to calculate EdgeRank but only the insiders at Facebook have access to the exact formula.

Below I’ll explain in detail how these three factors work…


The affinity score is based on how often and to what degree you interact with a friend or Facebook page.  Interactions include:  likes,  comments,  clicks on a link or photo,  or when you visit a page. Each action you perform increases your affinity score with that friend or page.

When that person posts an object in their News Feed the chance of it showing up on your News Feed will increase because your affinity score with them is high.

It’s important to note that the affinity score only works unilaterally. Meaning you can’t click on someone’s picture hundreds of times thinking that you’re affinity score will go up.

facebook news feed

Level of Interaction

Each interaction is weighted based on the effort required for the activity. Clicking the “Like” button counts less than posting a comment because it requires more energy to make a comment. Facebook takes this in to account when calculating an object’s EdgeRank.

Keep in mind that your friends will only see your content in their News Feed if they have a high level of interaction with you,  not the other way around.


This is quite simple really. The older the object,  the lower the time score used when calculating the EdgeRank. Who wants to read old news? The oldest object I’ve seen at or near the top of my Facebook News Feed was about 36 hours old. This varies due to the amount of friends and pages you like but in general you won’t see anything much older than a day.

I hope this information gave you some insight on how Facebook EdgeRank works and why it has a huge impact on your facebook news feed. Knowing how EdgeRank is calculated is important and will give you an advantage over other business owners and marketers but remember valuable content is king. Posting content that people will learn from or think is valuable will go a long way on Facebook.  Just by reading this article you now know more about Facebook EdgeRank than 98% of other marketers online.

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Clint Schubert

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