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direct 832.350.4720
office 832.220.5059
mail P.O. Box 58194 Houston, TX 77258

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  • Hay Clint
    Nice site, I like the image of you on the banner of your site. You mind tell where did you getting done? I would like to have a picture like this of me for my site. Thanks in advance

  • Hello Clint,
    Thank you for your sharing useful information. I have my own home based business, as a promotional marketing agency. I’m looking to grow my income, and one of the ideas was to became a marketing agent for an established company. I have more than 20 years working in marketing to offer. I wonder if you can give me some ideas were to start looking for companies that could need my services.

    Thank you,

    • Barbara,

      If you are a marketer you should focus on marketing and let someone else focus on sales. Marketing is different than sales so its important to realize this. However, if you are just starting out then I would suggest you establish a blog and engage in social networking. Use sites like to create a blog and network with individuals and businesses on Facebook, LinkedIn and Twitter. If you would like some training on these web 2.0 sites I would highly recommend you visit for details. Let me know if you have any additional questions.

      Clint Schubert

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