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A closer look at bHIP Global

bhip globalbHIP Global is an energy drink company that has come out of nowhere in recent years. The company launched 7 years ago and after investing $30 million dollars in infrastructure they are currently on a mission to launch into 30 countries over the next 30 months.

In this bHIP Global report I will give a company overview on bHIP Global,  their products and the income opportunity for those who decide to join as a “product promoter”.

bHIP Global Overview

bHIP Global was founded by Terry LaCore,  one of the most recognized entrepreneurs in the network marketing industry.  bHIP Global headquarters are in Dallas,  Texas with other office facilities in St. Paul,  Minnesota and Branson,  Missouri. With its official launch in 2007,  bHIP Global prides itself in having a strong management support system in place and is primed and ready for becoming a successful global company in the long-term.

As product promoters tell people around the world about bHIP Global the company plans to expand into at least 30 countries over the first 30 months.  After having a successful launch in The United States,  Canada and Puerto Rico the company has since opened operations in Mexico,  Australia,  New Zealand,  Hong Kong,  Taiwan,  Singapore,  the Philippines,  Malaysia,  Spain,  Italy,  Slovenia,  Hungary,  Austria,  Japan,  Columbia,  Russian Federation,  CIS and Papua New Guinea.

bHIP Global is internationally recognized as being the first of its kind to introduce a “new breed of energy” to the market.  With its proprietary energy blend that is called an “herbal clean energy”  it revolutionizes the energy business and highlights bHIP Global as being a product innovator.

The philosophy behind the bHIP Global products is when they TRY IT,  they FEEL IT and will want to SHARE IT. Product promoters can sell the energy products bHIP Global offers to anyone in the established countries.

Products of bHIP Global

An extensive amount of time and money went into the development and formulation of bHIP Global products.  Product promoters can know with confidence that they are offering a premium product to consumers that will dramatically restore and improve one’s health.

The product engineers at bHIP Global understand that we are only as healthy as the smallest part of our bodies,  our cells,  and the condition of our DNA which is found inside our cells. This understanding was a key focal point when creating all of the bHIP Global energy products.

bhip globalMost energy drinks found on the shelves at your local convenient store are loaded with calories,  sugars,  carbs and artificial flavors.  People are starting to take notice of this and searching for an alternative solution that is more health conscience while still providing the energy they need.

bHIP Global offers an energy source that has all the benefits of the other energy beverages but without the high levels of ingredients previously mentioned. For example,  your average traditional 8oz. energy drink may contain 100 calories,  27g of carbs,  29g of sugars,  150g of sodium and 72g of caffeine. bHIP Energy contains 24 calories,  6g of carbs,   2g of sugars,  10mg of sodium,  and no caffeine because it uses a natural ingredient called Guarana.  See the difference?

bHIP Energy’s formulation comes from a blend of fruit extracts,  vitamins and minerals that work at the cellular level. Guarana is one of several energy producing ingredients and contains a substance known as theobromine,  which is similar in chemical composition to chocolate molecules. This is naturally occurring caffeine which allows you to experience a high level of energy without the spike and subsequent crash that most of the competitor drinks offer.  bHIP Energy is a natural formula that works faster,  lasts longer,  and is much healthier than its competition.

Because products are continuously coming to market it may be beneficial for you to spend some time on the bHIP Global website and review additional information about their products.

Is there real income potential with bHIP Global?

The compensation plan for product promoters of bHIP Global is phenomenal to say the least. I’ve been in this industry for many years,  seen hundreds of compensation plans,  but I’ve never seen one exactly like this.

You can earn commissions 6 different ways:

1. Retail Profits
2. Turbo Bonus
3. Star Maker Bonus
4. Team Bonus
5 . Leadership Match
6. Leadership Bonus & Rewards

When you first enroll as a bHIP member you will be required to purchase their online storefront and backoffice system called GSS for $49.95 annually.  This allows you to take your business anywhere in the world as long as there is an internet connection.

It’s also recommended that you purchase a certain amount of product at a wholesale level so that you can earn immediate retail commissions of up to 30%. Because each product is priced differently,  bHIP Global has created a point system that is used to account for product purchased. The volume of product purchased and sold within your organization is called your Bonus Volume or BV for short.

The bHIP Global compensation plan model is that of a binary structure and only requires you to personally sponsor two people,  one on each side.

This system has been used by many network marketing companies in the past and is a proven way to build a massive team quickly.

Generally speaking,  the 6 ways of earning commissions require personal sales and team building. Commissions are triggered on wholesale product orders from new members as well as retail purchases from individual consumers.

Bonuses are paid to qualifying members who generate a certain sales volume within a given time frame. Also,  these bonuses are paid as you begin to help other members generate personal sales.

bhip globalAs you promote through the ranks in bHIP Global which are Ruby,  Emerald,  Diamond,  Blue Diamond,  Black Diamond,  Royal Diamond,  Crown Diamond,  Imperial Diamond and lastly Presidential Diamond,  you have the ability to earn some incredible bonuses. These include a custom chopper or diamond watch,  a custom diamond ring,  a luxury Mercedes SL550/S550,  4 vacation packages,  a home mortgage retirement payoff and a 1% share in the Global Bonus Pool.

The bHIP Global compensation plan is without a doubt one of the best in the industry. However,  none of that matters unless you know how to successfully take the products to the market,  generate sales and recruit other bHIP Global members or distributors to join you.

How to build a successful bHIP Global business

We know that “bHIP Global” is a strong company with an incredible product but how do you leverage this opportunity and start making money?

If you’re wondering what marketing strategy to use let me suggest you don’t do what 97% of network marketers do. That is,  they start telling their friends and family about their products hoping they will purchase their product. Although this strategy may seem to work initially,  in the long-term you will not be able to build a successful business using this approach.

Instead,  you need to take your business to the internet and begin to attract people to you and your bHIP Global business.

You can easily do this by obtaining the proper training and education that will help you become an effective internet marketer. Just like bHIP Global invested time and money into laying the foundation for a global company launch;  you too need to invest the time and money necessary to build your bHIP Global network marketing business.

Chasing your friends and family is the reason why most people don’t have success with a home based business so it’s important to get started on the right path.

Once you learn these “attraction marketing” strategies and implement them online you will be well on your way to becoming a Presidential Diamond distributor with bHIP Global.

clint schubert

Your Friend &  Coach,

Clint Schubert


PS. If you’re serious about branding yourself as a leader, generating sales, and building a strong 6 and 7 figure income with bHIP Global I can’t encourage you enough to learn about attraction marketing and how to effectively use it online.

Learning how to generate leads online is a powerful skill that all of the top income earners in our industry have developed and you can do the same. For more information about attraction marketing and what it can do for you visit or call me (832) 220-5059.

Clint Schubert is a successful internet marketer and entrepreneur who helps people generate leads, sales and become a recruiting machine using attraction marketing strategies online.

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