Should You Join 5LINX?

You probably clicked on this 5LINX special report because someone introduced you to the business and now you’re researching it online. This very fact tells me that you’re serious and strongly considering joining the 5LINX business opportunity.

Most people who join the business opportunity with 5LINX do it because they are seeking financial freedom or maybe they just want to spend more time with their family and friends.  Whatever your reason,  I strongly encourage you to determine “why” you want to join a network marketing company like 5LINX. It’s critical that you have a reason  before joining a home based business so in the event times get tough you keep going because you have a strong “why”.

In this special report for 5LINX reps you will be given some background information on the 5LINX company,  their products,  and the 5LINX compensation plan.

I’ll also reveal a “secret” internet marketing strategy that will help you build a successful business with 5LINX.

If you’re ready to get started …. Pause…..take a deep breath…. And let’s begin!

Who is 5LINX?

5linx5LINX is a telecommunications company that markets cutting-edge products and services in the United states,  Canada and 20 other countries around the world. With its large network of Independent 5LINX representatives it has become one of the fastest growing companies in the world being featured in INC. 500 the past 4 years.

The founders,  Jeb Tyler,  Craig Jerabeck,  and Jason Guck created 5LINX,  a wholly owned subsidiary of GLOBALINX,  in 2000 when it first launched its VoIP telephone services. The company’s headquarters are in Rochester,  New York and is a proud sponsor of many organizations. These include the NEW YORK SAYS THANK YOU FOUNDATION and SEE YOUR TROOPS FOUNDATION which helps soldiers see their spouses back home using the GLOBALINX video phone technology.

Overall,  the company has strong leadership,  character and integrity that have allowed it to experience large growth over the past 10 years.


5LINX prides itself in offering cutting-edge products and services at affordable prices. It’s flagship product is the GLOBALINX video phone which allows both users to hear and see each other while communicating over an internet connection.  Other products and services include home security,  satellite TV,  identity theft protection,  wireless , merchant services,  and energy.

Independent reps are armed to the teeth with advanced technology products and services that everyone uses. The opportunity to help consumers save money on things they are already paying for is a plus especially in this down economy.

Thanks to the insight from the corporate team,  5LINX has incredible products to take to the market place which creates a successful environment for 5LINX reps.

Income Opportunity

After reviewing the 5LINX compensation plan I feel that it is best to simply give you my opinion and not review the details of the plan in this report. The basics of the 5LINX comp plan are simple;  you earn a monthly residual commission on customers within your team and bonuses for helping other 5LINX reps build their team.

I have included this 5LINX compensation plan video that my personal friend Jaime Soriano did for his team.

Robert Kiyosaki calls this type of income “leveraged income” because you get paid on the efforts of others. Many people do not realize that a traditional business has leveraged income when employees generate profits for the business.  However,  the only person who benefits from leveraged income in a traditional business is the business owner or shareholders. This is why network marketing is so lucrative.

There are currently 9 5LINX representatives who have been promoted all the way to the level of Platinum Senior Vice Presidents (PSVP).  This leads me to believe that the opportunity for success with 5LINX is valid and available for anyone willing to put in the effort. Based on the success stories displayed on the corporate website,  reaching a 6 and even 7 figure income is possible within 3-5 years if you take massive action.

Why People Are Calling 5LINX A Scam

Hopefully this report has cleared up any questions you had about the business opportunity with 5LINX. Unfortunately,  there are many reps that join and then decide “5LINX is a scam” because they are not making any money.

In order to be successful with any network marketing business you have to generate sales and recruit others into your team. Often times,  people are able to gather a few customers but the real problem lies with recruiting.

Your sponsor may tell you to create a list of friends and family to talk to about your business. This is an old school recruiting method that does not work anymore. People do not want to be sold on your opportunity and most of them tell you “no”. This leads to frustration and embarrassment which eventually causes you to give up on your hopes and dreams that 5LINX can give you.

My “secret” Marketing Strategy…

You may or may not have heard about my “secret”  marketing strategy that I am referring to  but it is called “Attraction Marketing”. It is the #1 Marketing Method used by top income earners in the network marketing industry today!

I teach people how to apply these attraction marketing principles to their business and help them become a recruiting machine! Imagine having people come to you wanting to learn more about your 5LINX business opportunity. Do you think this would have a positive impact on your business?

To learn more about attraction marketing and how it can help your 5LINX business contact me or visit www.MLMHustler.com

clint schubertPS. It is in my opinion that 5LINX is one of the best network marketing companies available today. However,  it is critical that you understand how to market your business once you join.I encourage you to do some research on attraction marketing as this is the way of the future.

Many people master this marketing skill and go on to become 6 and 7 figure income earners in their business. With the right training and mindset you can too!



Clint Schubert is a successful internet marketer and entrepreneur who helps people generate leads, sales and become a recruiting machine using attraction marketing strategies online.

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